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Anne's Nice Stay In Hospital - Maynooth RPGs [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Anne's Nice Stay In Hospital [Nov. 29th, 2004|02:04 pm]


[mood |Creeped Out]
[music |Cruxshadows - After All]

Anne woke. White light reflected off pristine white walls blinded her for a second. She moved to brush away a stray strand of hair, only to find that her arms would not respond. She looked down. Leather bracers held her to the bed frame.

What the hell was this in aid of? She had been unconscious. How dare they do this to her.

Forcing herself calm, she tried to reason with herself. There had to be a reason. They wouldn't do it out of spite. They were a hospital, damnit! She was relatively calm again when she pressed the call button. Clicking heels echoed down the corridor towards her. The door opened and in walked a nurse. The nurse wore an old style uniform.

'Shit', thought Anne. 'We're back in Salem!'

Forcing a false niceness into her voice, Anne inquired about Kirk. The nurse knew nothing. Anne asked about the restraints. The nurse knew nothing. Anne asked about her release date. The nurse knew nothing. Anne felt rage slowly building up inside her. The nurse simply stood there, staring into space. Anne couldn't take it anymore and pulled hard on her restraints. They held against her flesh for a moment before the stitching tore and she was released. The nurse looked on blankly. Anne rubbed her wrists. The nurse muttered something about food and wandered off.

'Service hasn't gotten any better, I see.'

It wasn't long until a giant hulking man walked in with a tray of hospital food. It smelt good but damned if she was going to eat in this hospital. Anne picked up a fork and poked the various foods. The mashed potatoes fell over. The pork chop looked dead. The green peas rolled. The jelly wibbled. It looked okay. The orderly grunted at her, trying to make her eat. Anne pretended. He didn’t look convinced, so Anne, accidentally, pushed the tray off the bed. He moved forward, cleaning the floor. Then, he left, taking the tray with him. Finally, she was alone.

Anne hopped down off the bed and made towards the door. There was no one in either direction, just long doorless corridors. Anne walked along the tiled floor, looking behind her constantly for signs of movement, signs that someone else was in this deserted place. She walked and walked without turning. It had seemed endless, like a nightmare that intruded into the waking world. Then, suddenly, it opened out and there was a set of double doors. It was the canteen. Anne walked through.

She looked around, looking at the faces of patients and visitors talking quietly to each other. She spotted Kirk at the other end of the restaurant and walked towards him. He was agitated, making no sense. He looked at her strangely. Anne suggested that they get coffee. He looked confused. Maybe he banged his head in the accident. He guided her towards the coffee dock at the far end of the room. Anne sat as he went to get coffee. He was taking his time, flirting with the server probably. Anne watched him for a few minutes, before going to get her cup of coffee from him. He looked disgusted when she drank her first deep gulp of the sweet coffee.

“Do you know how to write ‘Malkuth’ in Hebrew?” Kirk asked, gruff as always.

Anne borrowed a pen from the server and wrote quickly on some paper. She wondered why he asked. Surely the nice woman wouldn’t want to know that. Kirk continued with what he was doing. Suddenly, Anne heard complete quietness fall on the canteen. Every head turned to look at them.

“Kirk… Kirk, people are looking. Everybody is looking.” Anne cautioned.

Kirk looked around but his face was dismissive of her claims. She heard another noise and Mr. Dean was barrelling towards them. Anne froze.

“Oh, Shit!”

A small crack appeared in the corner of her vision, slowly expanding to a spider web across her whole field of view, before it shattered.

Anne found herself in a small office, broken down, filthy. Kirk was still there but was working away on an old computer, typing hurriedly. Anne looked out through the door that had been part of the coffee dock and saw hundred of men hanging from the ceiling. They were split up to the chest. They dripped with white fluid that Anne did not want to think about. She lifted a hand to push back her hair and saw it. Her arm was covered in the same white fluid. She looked down. She was totally covered in it. Anne started to cry.

Stepping backwards, trying to get away from herself as she scrubbed at the fluid on her arms and legs. She could feel the coldness seeping through her clothes. She could feel it sticking to her skin. She dropped the cup she has been holding. It shattered on the ground, spilling its congealed contents on the floor. Clear liquid surrounded thicker white liquid, like separated milk. Anne suddenly realised what it was, what she had been drinking. She backed away, further, faster. A wall stopped her escape and she collapsed against it. She clawed her skin trying to get rid of the taint.

The door slammed shut on the office and they were trapped. She could see a gross form outside the window. Dean had been replaced by a grotesquely overweight figure, strapped in various places with too tight leather straps. Dark nails tapped on the window and a horrid blue tongue licked at blue tinted lips. Goggles lifted to reveal pure black eyes. Anne screamed through her tears. Kirk was doing something. He was drawing on the ground. Writing some foreign language, possibly Latin, something old.

The figure banged at the door. Anne saw it’s hand dip grabbing something. It flung whatever it was at the window. Red lights flew towards her and before she could do anything, it entered her. She swallowed reflexively. She felt a heat inside her grow. Unfamiliar, she basked in it for a few seconds. Opening her eyes, she saw Kirk. She knew what she had to do. She started to get to her feet. Then, she saw something else. Another flying missile was coming towards her. She felt it strike her belly. She looked down and saw it merge. It was merging with her skin. Now, deeper. It was inside her now. She worried for a split second before looking at the thing and then Kirk.

For the first time in her life, she knew what she wanted. She wanted Kirk. She would do anything to have Kirk between her thighs, ravaging her. She understood in that moment every carnal desire that had existed. She saw Kirk raise his gun and ward her back. But she could not give up on him, on her one chance for paradise. She kept moving. Kirk fired.

Anne smiled to herself, ‘So that’s how you want to play? I like it rough. This will be more perfect than I could ever have imagined.’

Anne crawled slowly towards him, knocked by the force of Dean breaking through the door, moments earlier. Kirk was muttering something.

A black velvet doorway opened in front of Kirk. Dean stood watching as Anne lunged, grabbing onto Kirk’s leg. Kirk jumped through the doorway and into the darkness, dragging Anne along with him. The next thing she knew, Anne was back in the cube room. She was still wrapped around Kirk’s leg. Anne dragged at his clothes, trying to rip them off. She looked up. Kirk looked confused. He was looking at his shoulder. It was separating from his body, tearing off. It was growing. Ripping pieces out of Kirk. It grew until two Kirk’s stood there. One naked, menacing, eyes blazing with sheer hate. One bemused, wondering what the hell had just happened.

Anne sat back. Confused.

‘Two Kirks?’ She thought. ‘But which one to do first?’

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