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StarGate SGX - Aftermath - Maynooth RPGs [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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StarGate SGX - Aftermath [Oct. 19th, 2004|11:48 am]


[mood |pissed offpissed off]
[music |CruxShadows - Love and Hatred]

Fandom: StarGate RPG
Character: Lt. Col. Katherine "KC" Calven

Moggie's character successfully pulled the wool over all our eyes in a rather interesting take on alien races in SG1 :) Congrats, Sir.

She cast a quick glance at the tree line, searching for any sign of Kenny. She didn't want to leave him behind. She didn't want to lose anyone either. Not after last time. There was no trace of the SGC BDU's in the trees.

"Shit!" She cursed silently under her breath. "Can't wait anymore! We'll come back for you, Kenny, I promise!"

She ran up the steps to the StarGate and through the event horizon. The pseudo-liquid swirled as it carried her across an incomprehensible distance, throwing her out onto the hard ramp in the SGC. She hit the ramp hard, shoulder first, tucking and rolling to a stop. She stared at the wormhole, hoping that he would magically step through. The event horizon shuddered and evaporated. The iris slammed closed. She looked back down the ramp to the rest of the team. Campbell held up the wounded Russian. The same look was echoed on Campbells face. The Russian as inscrutible as ever.

The heavy metal door slid back as Hammond walked into the room.

"Sir, we gotta go back." She tried to keep it together but a touch of desperation seeped in.
"Go back? Why, Colonel?" Hammond asked.
"We gotta go back to rescue Kenny, Sir."
"Who?" Hammond looked puzzled.
"Sergeant Swartz, sir." She caught the earlier mistake.
"Colonel, who is Sergeant Swartz?" Hammond started to look worried.
"Big guy, almost bald, went out with us yesterday..." She was puzzled.

'What the Hell is going on here?' She thought.

She turned to Campbell and Prominski. They looked as lost as she did. What on Earth was going on? What sort of sick joke was this?

Pounding feet in the corridor heralded the arrival of Frasier. Campbell was divested of Prominski. Frasier poked and prodded the Russian, finding out what was wrong, what was broken. A cough from Hammond broke the Doctor's concentration and she looked up. A signal and she walked over to the General. A whispered conversation and many furtive looks were exchanged.

"You will all report to medbay immediately." Hammond ordered.
"But..." Started KC.
"Now, Colonel!" His tone brokered no argument.
"Yes, Sir, but what about Kenny?" she asked, desperately.
"I will deal with it, Colonel."

KC looked behind her at the StarGate as she was hurried from the room by an insistant Frasier.

'We won't let them forget you, Kenny!'